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28th March 2019 | International Centre | Telford | The Future of Energy Management Technology

Battery replacement intervals

So you bought a battery with a nominal design life of “X” years. The realistic service life is actually significantly less than that, but you don’t know what it is. At around the “half-life” (i.e., half way through the design life) an individual cell-unit fails, then another. You replace the cell-units with new ones (maybe…
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19th February 2019 0


Get a charge out of National Battery Day!  Observed each year on February 18th, this is a day to appreciate the convenience batteries provide to our everyday lives. Today we would be hard-pressed to find someone in the United States who doesn’t derive a benefit from a battery.  Even those who live “off the grid” have…
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18th February 2019 0

BYD pure electric trucks come to Europe

BYD has rolled out three zero emission commercial vehicle product lines targeted at fleet customers in Europe. Two BYD pure electric on-highway trucks and one BYD pure electric van made their debut appearance in Europe last month at a premiere presentation in the Estadio Nueva Condomina stadium in the city of Murcia, south-east Spain. BYD’s…
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15th February 2019 0

France’s Macron unveils plan to give electric battery industry a jolt

PARIS — France will invest 700 million euros ($790 million) over the next five years into projects to boost the European electric car battery industry and reduce its automakers’ reliance on dominant Asian rivals, President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday. In a speech to the Paris-based International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Macron unveiled his…
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14th February 2019 0

Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run, says study

Petrol and diesel vehicles cost more over four years in UK and four other European nations. Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel alternatives in five European countries analysed in new research. The study examined the purchase, fuel and tax costs of Europe’s bestselling car, the VW golf, in…
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13th February 2019 0

Nissan LEAF e-Plus Orders Pouring In: Europe

Two-thirds of 3.ZERO Limited Edition LEAFs e+ already pre-ordered in Europe Nissan has received more than 3,000 pre-orders for 3.ZERO Limited Edition of the latest LEAF e+ in Europe, since its unveiling about a month ago. That’s almost two-thirds of the planned run of 5,000 units of the exclusively well-equipped trim version. Nearly half of…
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12th February 2019 0

New battery gobbles up carbon dioxide

Lithium-based battery could make use of greenhouse gas before it ever gets into the atmosphere. A new type of battery developed by researchers at MIT could be made partly from carbon dioxide captured from power plants. Rather than attempting to convert carbon dioxide to specialized chemicals using metal catalysts, which is currently highly challenging, this…
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11th February 2019 0

How to charge your electric car from the sun, at home

With the big upturn in electric-car adoption driven by the Tesla Model 3, incoming Kia and Hyundai options, and the highly competitive Chevrolet Bolt, many drivers will be moving to vehicles that will be primarily charged at home. This means that their household electric bills are likely to show a significant increase—a big and obvious…
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8th February 2019 0

Porsche Taycan gets three years free charging, 320 kW “Turbo Chargers” coming to dealer network

As Porsche prepares for the launch of its first all-electric car — the highly-anticipated Taycan — the carmaker has begun setting the stage for the vehicle’s rollout in the United States. On Monday, Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) announced an agreement with Electrify America to provide the Taycan with three years of unlimited fast charging…
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1st February 2019 0

Horiba Mira to present Electric Vehicle Battery Systems – Ageing: Findings and Implications at the Battery Tech Expo UK 2019

**Title:** A Case study in Battery Ageing: Findings and Implications **Abstract:** This presentation looks at a series of ageing tests performed on an NMC automotive cell, and shows the trends in performance characteristics with cycling. This is then expanded on by suggesting some implications in terms of automotive usage with ageing. **Speaker bio:** Richard Stocker…
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