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26th March 2020 | Silverstone

Adding guanidinium thiocyanate to mixed tin-lead perovskites to improve solar cell efficiency

A team of researchers affiliated with several institutions in the U.S. has found a way to improve the efficiency of perovskite-based solar cells—by adding guanidinium thiocyanate to the mix. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their work with perovskite-based solar cells and how well they worked. For most of its…
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22nd April 2019 0

Daimler Leads $170M Investment in Sila Nano’s Next-Generation Battery Tech

Traditional automakers continue to invest big money in battery technology for electric vehicles. Sila Nanotechnologies just won another $170 million of the venture and corporate funding to develop advanced battery materials that improve the power performance of electric vehicles and consumer electronics. The Alameda, California-based startup, founded in 2011, is looking to commercialize a new set of high-performance silicon anode…
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19th April 2019 0

Aston Martin Rapide E: Stunning all electric car REVEALED – is this the new 007 Bond car?

ASTON Martin Rapide E all-electric sports car has been revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019 which is now production ready and could be the next James Bond car. Aston Martin has finally unveiled its production-ready electric car at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019. The Rapide E is the first zero-emissions car the manufacturer has…
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18th April 2019 0

Tesla is developing a ‘unique battery recycling system’

Tesla confirmed this week that it is developing a “unique battery recycling system,” which the company believes will result in “significant savings” over the long-term. As we reported yesterday, Tesla released a fascinating new ‘impact report’ to look into how its products and operations are impacting the environment. In one of the sections, Tesla addressed…
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17th April 2019 0

Forget 50% by 2030 – Half of all Australian voters want 100% EVs by 2025

As the Morrison government continues to put almost all of its election campaign energy into rubbishing Labor’s plan to make 50 per cent of new cars electric by 2030, a new survey has revealed that half of all voters would support a significantly faster and even more ambitious shift away from petrol cars. The poll,…
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16th April 2019 0

Lithium battery production set to grow 50 percent a year

One of the biggest upcoming challenges for electric cars is having an adequate supply of lithium batteries. A new report by Benchmark Minerals, first cited by CleanTechnica, shows battery makers are working quickly to meet a growing demand for new lithium-ion battery cells from automakers. According to the company’s Battery Factory Data, battery suppliers ramped up…
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15th April 2019 0

How we get to the next big battery breakthrough

Electric planes could be the future of aviation. In theory, they will be much quieter, cheaper, and cleaner than the planes we have today. Electric planes with a 1,000 km (620 mile) range on a single charge could be used for half of all commercial aircraft flights today, cutting global aviation’s carbon emissions by about…
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12th April 2019 0

UCI Student ‘Accidentally’ Invents a Rechargeable Battery That Lasts 400 Years

A University of California Irvine student may have stumbled upon an invention to end your phone-charging woes for good. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of where that could take us as a society. Forget about your phone; the world would be a different place without ever having to worry about replacing car…
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11th April 2019 0

Dutch EV explorer celebrates epic three year road trip in electric car

It’s been a little over 3 years since Dutch adventurer Wiebe Wakker left his home in the Netherlands on what would become the longest road trip ever in an electric car, to illustrate the sustainability and endurance of electric cars. During his 1,119 days on the road, Wakker has relied on the kindness of strangers…
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10th April 2019 0

New Thermal Battery Could Be A ‘Game Changer’ For Storing Renewable Energy

A South Australian company has unveiled the world’s first operational thermal energy device (TED). The TED creators report the battery can store renewable energy, has higher storage capacity than traditional batteries, and is completely recyclable. The thermal battery has similar functionality to lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries; it can take any form of electrical input and…
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9th April 2019 0