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28th March 2019 | International Centre | Telford | The Future of Energy Management Technology

Caterpillar Ventures Invests In Fisker’s Solid State Battery Tech

Caterpillar Venture Capital Inc has made a strategic investment into Fisker Inc as a bet on the company’s solid-state battery technology. Parent company Caterpillar Inc is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, natural gas turbines, and various gas & diesel engines, and sees the capital injection as an investment in the next…
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25th October 2018 0


Titanium is the 22nd element in the periodic table and the first element in a group of metals known as the Transition Metals. It is the 9th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and the 4th most abundant structural metal after aluminium, iron, and magnesium. Like most metals, titanium does not occur in nature…
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24th October 2018 0

ZARGES launches fire-proof case to transport lithium-ion batteries safely

  ~ electric cars, power tools and smartphones driving demand for safe battery transportation; ZARGES case prevents damaged batteries causing a fire ~   May 2018 – Chosen for their low weight and high efficiency, lithium-ion batteries are a central part of electric cars, battery-powered tools and smartphones. However, their extremely high energy density harbours…
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23rd October 2018 0

Dyson electric car

► First vacuum cleaners, now an electric car! ► Launches 2021, battery tech from Sakti3 ► All you need to know Dyson – usually known for its vacuum cleaners and pricey hairdryers, is making an electric car – and unlike the Apple EV, it’s actually going to happen. Whispers of Dyson’s EV first appeated in the…
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22nd October 2018 0

New materials are powering the battery revolution

There are more mobile phones in the world than there are people. Nearly all of them are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are the single most important component enabling the portable electronics revolution of the past few decades. None of those devices would be attractive to users if they didn’t have enough power to…
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18th October 2018 0

Moov’in.Paris: a new carsharing solution in Paris

On October 10, Groupe Renault and ADA launched Moov’in.Paris by Renault, a new carsharing service for free floating electric cars in Paris, as well as a dedicated application. The aim? To help users book and use vehicles easily, especially for very short journeys. Moov’in.Paris meets the mobility needs of Paris residents and visitors alike by…
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17th October 2018 0

Europe to spend billions on lithium-ion battery plants

One in every twenty Europeans works in the automotive industry and the European Union believes that unless it catches up on battery technology, those jobs are at risk. That’s why the group is planning to allow state aid for electric battery research and will offer billions to companies willing to build giant plants, it said…
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16th October 2018 0

Britain backs better batteries for clean cars – E&T Magazine

UK businesses and research and technology organisations are being invited to bid for funding to support R&D projects that will improve the performance of batteries for electric vehicles and make them cheaper to manufacture. The government sees large-scale battery production as a significant economic opportunity given that environmental policies are pushing the global automotive market…
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26th September 2018 0

Industrial battery specialists for harsh environments, Steatite will be presenting at the Battery Tech Expo UK 2019

The Battery Tech Expo UK 2019 is pleased to announce industrial battery specialists Steatite will be presenting their latest technologies at the international event which runs 28th March 2019 at the International Centre, Telford. About Steatite – Technology for harsh environments Established in 1938, Steatite is a market leader in the design, manufacture and…
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29th August 2018 0

UK’s lithium mining hotspots could be identified using satellite technology – E&T Magazine

Areas with a strong lithium mining potential – a key element found in most rechargeable batteries – could be identified from space by observing broad changes in vegetation and surface minerals. A new study from Satellite Applications Catapult, which was created by the UK government’s Innovate UK, found that anomalies related to vegetation parameters such…
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