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28th March 2019 | International Centre | Telford | The Future of Energy Management Technology

Half of all cars sold in Norway in 2018 were electric

Norway got rich by selling oil—but it believes the fuel doesn’t have a future on its own roads. The country plans to end sales of all gasoline-powered cars by 2025. Based on the latest data from 2018, it seems to be heading in the right direction. Half of all passenger cars sold in Norway that…
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10th January 2019 0

Volkswagen to bid for electric Nurburgring lap record

Converted 671bhp ID R Pikes Peak is to tackle the legendary German track – and the outright record could be under threat Volkswagen Motorsport is planning an assault on the electric lap record at the Nürburgring with the 671bhp ID R prototype it used to win this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – and data simulations suggest…
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10th December 2018 0

Germany hopes to kickstart EU battery-making in 2019

German economy minister Peter Altmaier said Tuesday Berlin would provide one billion euros ($1.3 billion) of funding for electric car battery production by 2021, as talks with companies reach an advanced stage. “In the coming months we want to create the conditions for batteries to be produced on a mass scale in Europe,” Altmaier said…
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14th November 2018 0

Europe to spend billions on lithium-ion battery plants

One in every twenty Europeans works in the automotive industry and the European Union believes that unless it catches up on battery technology, those jobs are at risk. That’s why the group is planning to allow state aid for electric battery research and will offer billions to companies willing to build giant plants, it said…
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16th October 2018 0