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28th March 2019 | International Centre | Telford | The Future of Energy Management Technology

Tesla unveils Model Y

Tesla has launched the Model Y, a medium-sized SUV that sits below the Model X in the product line-up, and offering a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge. Like the rest of the recently revised line-up, the Model Y will be available in Standard Range, Long Range, Dual Motor all-wheel drive,…
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15th March 2019 0

Tesla apparently negotiating with CATL for battery cells

Tesla appears to be negotiating with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) to supply battery cells for its Model 3, manufactured in Shanghai, China. The talks between Tesla and CATL have been concerning the required specifications for the cells. Bloomberg Quint reported the negotiations with reference to inside information. However, it is still unclear whether the deal…
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12th March 2019 0

Tesla unplugs its latest home wall charger

Tesla owners can now take their chargers with them. After six years of selling High-Power Wall Connectors that buyers had to have hard-wired into their homes, Tesla is finally catching up with aftermarket suppliers of home charging stations by offering models with plugs that can be plugged into the wall. This simplifies installation, whether owners…
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18th January 2019 0

Tesla’s Winter Testing Facility In Alaska Is Pretty Incredible

AN INSIDE LOOK AT TESLA’S WINTER TESTING FACILITY IN ALASKA When it comes to winter driving, electric vehicles have a couple of drawbacks, as CNET writer Tim Stevens, an EV owner who lives in a northern climate, knows from personal experience. Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, tend to have a negative effect on battery packs,…
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11th January 2019 0

How Tesla Cracked The Code On EV Road Trips: Model 3 Performance

A big battery plus the Supercharger network equals a car capable of long-haul travel. By Bradley Berman I have a confession to make. In more than seven years of driving an electric vehicle, I had never taken a long-distance, all-electric road trip. But that changed a few weeks ago when I got behind the wheel…
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20th December 2018 0

Tesla Has 20% Battery Cost Advantage On Competition, Says UBS Analyst

According to a report by the Financial Times (subscription), UBS has conducted an analysis of battery production costs for various manufacturers and concluded that Tesla enjoys a 20% cost advantage over its closest competitor, LG Chem. The analysis applies specifically to the battery cells produced at Gigafactory 1 for use in the Tesla Model 3.…
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22nd November 2018 0

BP installs Tesla-made battery to store wind power

BP installed a battery storage system for the first time at one of the company’s wind energy farms in South Dakota, a move BP hopes will provide a blueprint for adding similar power storage technology at its other U.S. wind power sites. BP said the technology will improve energy efficiency, address the intermittency of wind…
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15th November 2018 0

Tesla Energy takes part in CA’s record-breaking 2.2 GWh battery storage project

Tesla Energy is poised to participate in California’s initiative to build one of the world’s largest battery systems. After a historic 4-1 vote, California utility regulators approved a proposal put forward by Pacific Gas & Electric, which aimed to replace three natural gas-fired power plants in the state with utility-grade lithium-ion batteries. When completed, the…
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10th November 2018 0

Tesla gets ‘Strong Buy’ rating amid Panasonic’s pledge to ramp Gigafactory 1 battery production

Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) recently received a vote of confidence from one of Wall Street’s veteran investment research firms. In a note on Tuesday, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Tesla from a “Hold” rating to a “Strong Buy” rating, citing the electric car maker’s strong performance in the third quarter. The research firm also gave TSLA a…
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1st November 2018 0