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Levistor Technology will accelerate roll-out of ultra-rapid EV charging across the country & encourage drivers to make the switch to EVs

Levistor’s energy storage system will avoid EV deserts, especially in rural areas, by making EV charging as quick and easy as filling-up Crowdfund campaign via the Crowdcube platform exceeds target within first week A low cost, durable energy storage technology, developed by City, University of London, will accelerate the roll-out of ultra-rapid EV charging across the…
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14th September 2021 0

Electric vehicle charging points installed in Wichelstowe parking spaces

More than 130 parking bays in Wichelstowe have the cutting-edge technology set up so that visitors and people living there can plug in their electric cars when they park up. Source: This is one of the first developments in the country to include electric vehicle charging facilities beyond private driveways. Around 3,000 homes will be…
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24th August 2020 0

ABB breaks ground on $30 million facility for EV chargers to meet global demand

ABB has marked the start of construction at its new facility in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy, which will serve as a global Center of Excellence and production site for electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The 16,000 square meter facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2021. As a global market leader in e-mobility…
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19th August 2020 0