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Brill Power, an Oxford University spin-out, revolutionises battery performance

Transformative intelligent BMS will improve performance, lifetime and safety of batteries Brill launch a new category of ‘intelligent’ battery management systems that breaks through existing BMS compromises Brill’s radical new BMS approach increases battery lifetime by up to 60% Energy storage reliability improved and storage capacity enhanced by up to 129% The technology promises a…
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6th October 2021 0

UK Research and Innovation – New driving the electric revolution funding competition opens

UK Research and Innovation’s £80 million driving the electric revolution challenge has opened a new skills and training funding competition worth £250,000. The driving the electric revolution competition aims to fund several ideas that will quickly fill gaps in the skills, talent and training provision for electrification technologies in the UK. This includes in power…
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11th August 2021 0

Nasa’s HOTTech Project – Molten Salt Lander Battery capable of operating at the surface temperature of Venus

As part of NASA’s HOTTech project and in collaboration with EaglePicher Technologies, the JPL Electrochemical Technologies Group has developed and demonstrated a long-lived molten salt battery capable of operating at the surface temperature of Venus (465 °C) for several days to support detailed in-situ studies in future Venus surface missions. This development required the selection…
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22nd October 2020 0