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Morrow Batteries establishes battery innovation centre and pilot factory in Southern Norway

Later this year Morrow Batteries will start construction of its Battery Innovation Centre and Pilot Factory in Southern Norway. The facilities will allow Morrow Batteries to manufacture and qualify the world’s most sustainable battery cell, in addition to industrialize next generation battery technology.   «This is an important milestone for us, as we are taking…
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5th May 2021 0

Organic Battery Breakthrough Makes Lithium-Ion Batteries More Environmentally Friendly

York University researchers have discovered a way to make Lithium-powered batteries more environmentally friendly while retaining performance, stability and storage capacity. Their latest breakthrough is the creation of a new carbon-based organic molecule that can replace the cobalt now used in cathodes or positive electrodes in lithium-ion batteries. The new material addresses the shortcomings of…
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27th March 2020 0