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Ever Resource and partners win Faraday Battery Challenge Innovation R&D Funding

Ever Resource, Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) and Advanced Electronics & Logistics (AEL) have secured £777,000 in grant funding via Innovate UK’s Faraday Battery Challenge (Innovation R&D, Round 4). The project, led by AEL, aims to develop a rapid, low-cost and safe solution for the discharging of electric vehicle (EV) lithium-ion battery packs. The consortium will…
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2nd August 2021 0

UK narrowly misses 2020 battery recycling target

The UK narrowly missed the waste portable battery recycling target for 2020, though it has been suggested this could be down to an “administrative error”. Figures published late last month by the Environment Agency on the National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD) indicate that the UK’s portable battery compliance schemes collected a total of 17,728 tonnes…
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6th July 2021 0

BBC: Electric cars: What will happen to all the dead batteries?

“The rate at which we’re growing the industry is absolutely scary,” says Paul Anderson from Birmingham University. He’s talking about the market for electric cars in Europe. By 2030, the EU hopes that there will be 30 million electric cars on European roads. “It’s something that’s never really been done before at that rate of…
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28th April 2021 0

Battery Recycling – Neometals has developed a sustainable proprietary process for the recovery of valuable constituents from cell production scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion batteries

What Neometals has developed a proprietary sustainable process for the recovery of valuable constituents from cell production scrap and end-of-life lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The Neometals processing flowsheet targets the recovery of >90% of all battery materials from LIBs that might otherwise be disposed of in land fill or processed in energy-intensive pyrometallurgical recovery circuits. Specifically,…
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25th January 2021 0

New Technology Improves Next-Generation Aqueous Flow Batteries – SciTech Daily

New technology to overcome the life limit of next-generation water-cell batteries. A research team led by Professor Hee-Tak Kim from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering has developed water-based zinc/bromine redox flow batteries (ZBBs) with the best life expectancy among all the redox flow batteries reported by identifying and solving the deterioration issue with zinc electrodes. Professor…
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29th December 2020 0

New reusable battery to tackle the problem with EV waste

Battery solutions company Aceleron has developed a new recyclable and reusable electric vehicle (EV) battery which is half the weight and four times as powerful as a typical battery.  Transport is the largest source of carbon emissions in the UK, in a bid to combat this, the UK government recently announced that they will ban…
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15th April 2020 0