Month: November 2018

8th October 2020 | Silverstone

Dedicated electric taxi charging coming to Yorkshire

The revolution is well underway!  Seeing utilities and Big Oil jumping into eMobility is now both frequent and positive. I perhaps would have been more sceptical a few years back. But we’ve recently worked with innogy to recruit an MD/CEO for their UK eMobility operation, and ENGIE have long been moving to clean power away…
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30th November 2018 0

BMW to Start Manufacturing Batteries in Thailand Next Year

The global EV offensive is forcing some manufacturers to look for alternative ways of cashing in from their experience in the field. BMW recently announced … The global EV offensive is forcing some manufacturers to look for alternative ways of cashing in from their experience in the field. BMW recently announced that their Thailand branch…
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29th November 2018 0

Why aren’t there electric airplanes yet?

As electric cars and trucks appear increasingly on U.S. highways, it raises the question: When will commercially viable electric vehicles take to the skies? There are a number of ambitious efforts to build electric-powered airplanes, including regional jets and planes that can cover longer distances. Electrification is starting to enable a type of air travel…
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28th November 2018 0

Is it Time for Electric Cars to Take Over?

Electric Vehicles or EV’s Are Entering The Mainstream There’s no doubt about it, electric vehicles, or EV’s, are becoming increasingly popular and a more common sight on the roads today. With fuel prices rocketing, ever-present concerns about pollution and various cities being very expensive places to take petrol or diesel vehicles, the move to electric…
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27th November 2018 0

Arsenal leads charge into battery power at Emirates Stadium

Club is first in UK to use large-scale system with capacity to last an entire match Arsenal has become the UK’s first football club to install large-scale battery energy storage, in a bid to cut electricity costs and support green energy. Tucked in the basement of the Emirates, the system is capable of powering the…
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26th November 2018 0

Solid-state battery technology going into serial production

Solid-state batteries are considered a potential successor to lithium-ion batteries. While several well-known companies such as Toyota, Fisker, Hyundai, BMW or Bosch have been working on them for a long time (Bosch even gave up), the first production line operation is now getting started in China. Despite all the advantages, however, it is doubtful that…
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23rd November 2018 0

Tesla Has 20% Battery Cost Advantage On Competition, Says UBS Analyst

According to a report by the Financial Times (subscription), UBS has conducted an analysis of battery production costs for various manufacturers and concluded that Tesla enjoys a 20% cost advantage over its closest competitor, LG Chem. The analysis applies specifically to the battery cells produced at Gigafactory 1 for use in the Tesla Model 3.…
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22nd November 2018 0

Silicon eyed as way to boost electric car battery potential

The race to build a better electric car battery is turning to silicon, with several companies working to engineer types of the material that can boost driving range and cut production costs. About 500,000 electric vehicles (EVs) were sold globally in 2016, a figure that is expected to jump sevenfold by 2022, according to the…
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16th November 2018 0

BP installs Tesla-made battery to store wind power

BP installed a battery storage system for the first time at one of the company’s wind energy farms in South Dakota, a move BP hopes will provide a blueprint for adding similar power storage technology at its other U.S. wind power sites. BP said the technology will improve energy efficiency, address the intermittency of wind…
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15th November 2018 0

Germany hopes to kickstart EU battery-making in 2019

German economy minister Peter Altmaier said Tuesday Berlin would provide one billion euros ($1.3 billion) of funding for electric car battery production by 2021, as talks with companies reach an advanced stage. “In the coming months we want to create the conditions for batteries to be produced on a mass scale in Europe,” Altmaier said…
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14th November 2018 0