Month: February 2019

8th October 2020 | Silverstone

Unitemp to showcase ESPEC environmental chambers ideal for battery cell evaluation at Battery Tech Expo

Unitemp will be showcasing ESPEC’s world renowned Battery Test Chambers at the Battery Tech Expo, on 28th March 2018 at International Centre, Telford. Visitors,  to stand G15/16 will discover the Espec range of battery test chambers for environmental tests and safety tests of devices such as secondary batteries, NIMH, lead acid & lithium ion batteries to ensure…
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28th February 2019 0

Energizer’s P18K Pop is basically a giant battery with a smartphone built into it

This is the future you asked for. This 18,000mAh battery has a phone in it When people read smartphone reviews, one of the first things they want to know is whether the battery life is going to be sufficient for their use cases. Well, what if the battery life was the only stat that mattered?…
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28th February 2019 0

Siemens Enters Residential Storage Market With Junelight Smart Battery

German industrial giant Siemens announced last week that it was entering the residential battery storage market with the introduction of its new Junelight Smart Battery, which is intended to meet the requirements of private homes generating and storing their own energy. Already invested in renewable energy generation technologies such as wind, solar, hydro, and biomass…
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27th February 2019 0

New electric Peugeot e-208 revealed with 211-mile range

All-electric Peugeot e-208 supermini set to upstage the Renault Zoe with 211-mile range and 134bhp electric powertrain Peugeot has revealed the sharp new second-generation 208 ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, and while regular petrol powered versions of the firm’s latest supermini are due to remain the big sellers, an all-electric version dubbed e-208 is…
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26th February 2019 0

Japanese startup plans to test an experimental battery on the Moon

Wanting to use solid-state batteries in space is nothing new, but the technology hasn’t gotten off the ground yet here on Earth A type of battery still in development here on Earth could head to the Moon as early as 2021 on board a commercial lunar lander. Japanese startup ispace plans to be the first…
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25th February 2019 0

Sodium Sulfur Battery In Abu Dhabi Is World’s Largest Storage Device

Abu Dhabi now boasts the world’s largest storage battery — a 108 MW/648 MWh behemoth that is five times larger than the Hornsdale battery installed in Australia by Tesla a year ago. There is one other important difference between the battery in Australia and the one in Abu Dhabi. The Tesla unit used lithium-ion battery…
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20th February 2019 0

Battery replacement intervals

So you bought a battery with a nominal design life of “X” years. The realistic service life is actually significantly less than that, but you don’t know what it is. At around the “half-life” (i.e., half way through the design life) an individual cell-unit fails, then another. You replace the cell-units with new ones (maybe…
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19th February 2019 0


Get a charge out of National Battery Day!  Observed each year on February 18th, this is a day to appreciate the convenience batteries provide to our everyday lives. Today we would be hard-pressed to find someone in the United States who doesn’t derive a benefit from a battery.  Even those who live “off the grid” have…
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18th February 2019 0

BYD pure electric trucks come to Europe

BYD has rolled out three zero emission commercial vehicle product lines targeted at fleet customers in Europe. Two BYD pure electric on-highway trucks and one BYD pure electric van made their debut appearance in Europe last month at a premiere presentation in the Estadio Nueva Condomina stadium in the city of Murcia, south-east Spain. BYD’s…
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15th February 2019 0

France’s Macron unveils plan to give electric battery industry a jolt

PARIS — France will invest 700 million euros ($790 million) over the next five years into projects to boost the European electric car battery industry and reduce its automakers’ reliance on dominant Asian rivals, President Emmanuel Macron said on Wednesday. In a speech to the Paris-based International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Macron unveiled his…
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14th February 2019 0