Month: May 2020

New industry-research partnership boosts battery innovation in Europe

A global battery research group has joined forces with European battery manufacturers in a move designed to boost innovation in the technology and support decarbonisation. The Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI), a global research group developing advanced lead batteries has signed a memorandum of understanding with EUROBAT, the Brussels-based association representing Europe’s automotive and industrial battery manufacturers. The…
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26th May 2020 0

Right climate for battery testing – Unitemp

Electric vehicles are widely regarded as the future. But while bold targets are in place for the UK and the EU to transfer its transport fleet to electric propulsion by 2035 or 2040, there needs to be substantial evolution of the technology before we get there. MAHLE Powertrain is one of the companies at the…
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6th May 2020 0

Saft launches Tel.X-Plus nickel battery technology for 4G and 5G Telecom Networks

Optimized for high speed wireless 4G and 5G telecom applications Compact, lightweight, long-lasting and reliable in extreme temperatures, Saft Tel.X-Plus batteries provide vital back-up power for the new generation of wireless networks   Valdosta, GA, March 26th, 2020 – Saft is launching its new Tel.X-Plus battery, which is designed to support the 4G and 5G telecom…
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4th May 2020 0