Month: June 2020

12th October 2021 | Silverstone


The development center (eDLP), which is located in the triangle between Halle, Dessau and Leipzig, includes state-of-the-art test technologies designed for all standardized and client-specific test requirements for high-voltage battery systems. In addition to enabling all developmental tests to be conducted in one place, the 350 kN shaker with climate hood provides another globally unique…
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30th June 2020 0

Electra Commercial Vehicles Announce Battery Passport

Electra Commercial Vehicles is delighted to announce it has signed up to the Battery Passport service, which will roll out on all vehicles as they come off the production line. Battery Passport will enable vehicle owners to better understand their batteries and provide a pathway for those batteries to be sold into the second-life market…
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24th June 2020 0

Steatite delivers first battery module to power NOC’s latest Autosub

Steatite has delivered the first battery module for the National Oceanography Centre’s latest autonomous research submersible, Autosub 2KUI. Steatite is a partner at the NOC’s Marine Robotics Innovation Centre and has been working collaboratively with the NOC for several years. The Autosub Long Range, more affectionately known as Boaty McBoatface, is already powered by Steatite…
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16th June 2020 0

Northvolt and Hydro launch joint venture to enable electric vehicle battery recycling

Hydro and Northvolt establish a joint venture, Hydro Volt, to harness recycling synergies between battery and aluminum industries   · Hydro Volt aims to leverage the advanced Norwegian market for electric vehicles to secure sustainable feed of battery materials   · Joint recycling hub to start operations in Norway in 2021 STOCKHOLM/OSLO – Northvolt and…
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15th June 2020 0

Battery specialist introduces smart batteries with 21700 size cells

Professional battery manufacturer Accutronics is bringing a new range of smart batteries to the European market for use in medical, industrial and other professional electronic devices.  The new batteries, manufactured by Accutronics’ US-based partner Inspired Energy, are the first in their range to use the latest 21700 sized cells, offering longer runtimes than existing 18650 based…
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9th June 2020 0

What is the future of battery storage in the UK?

I was delighted to take part in an expert panel discussion recently, exploring the ‘coming of age’ of energy storage in the UK and in particular, what the key challenges and opportunities are and how the market is expected to evolve moving forward. As a company that has been at the forefront of this sector…
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3rd June 2020 0

C2C supports Government working safely during COVID-19 in labs and research facilities guidance

To support companies in creating COVID-secure workplaces, the UK government published guidance on returning to work with tailored advice for many sectors, including laboratory and research facility settings. As an integrated cleanroom service provider, Connect 2 Cleanrooms (C2C) has thoroughly reviewed the guidance for laboratories and research settings to give practical advice on how a…
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3rd June 2020 0