Month: April 2021

BBC: Electric cars: What will happen to all the dead batteries?

“The rate at which we’re growing the industry is absolutely scary,” says Paul Anderson from Birmingham University. He’s talking about the market for electric cars in Europe. By 2030, the EU hopes that there will be 30 million electric cars on European roads. “It’s something that’s never really been done before at that rate of…
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28th April 2021 0

Voltalia launches the construction of a battery storage power plant in the UK

Voltalia (Euronext Paris, code ISIN: FR0011995588), an international player in renewable energies, announces the launch of the construction of the Hallen Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), a 32-megawatt /32 megawatt-hour storage power plant located near the city of Bristol in the Avonmouth aera. Hallen BESS will contribute to the stability of the UK’s electricity grid,…
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21st April 2021 0

NASA Seeks to Create a Better Battery with SABERS

Dealing with battery issues on our phones, tablets, or laptops can be frustrating. Although batteries are everywhere in everyday life, many still suffer breakdowns and failures. The minor inconvenience of needing to charge them more often could even turn into costly repairs or buying a new device altogether. Batteries in larger electronics, like hoverboards or…
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18th April 2021 0