JCB enters full production of its first fully electric digger

26th March 2020 | Silverstone

JCB enters full production of its first fully electric digger

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JCB has entered full production of the construction industry’s first fully electric mini excavator – with more than 50 machines already delivered.
The 19C-1E models, JCB’s first-ever electric diggers, are now coming off the assembly line at JCB Compact Products in Cheadle, Staffordshire, with orders rolling in from customers from across Europe and North America.
The machine is five times quieter than its diesel counterpart and can be fully charged in under two hours. The model is expected to be popular with companies working inside buildings and in emissions and noise-sensitive inner-city areas.

Fully charged, the 19C-1E can put in a typical full day’s shift for a mini excavator.
The 19C-1E will also offer customers great cost-of-ownership benefits, with research highlighting that over the first five years, charging costs will be 50 per cent cheaper for customers who would otherwise be using red diesel. Servicing costs are also expected to be up to 70 per cent lower compared to the diesel model.

Tim Burnhope, JCB’s chief innovation officer, commented: “In urban environments, in particular, contractors are understandably very keen to operate zero-emissions equipment whenever possible, including outdoors. I’m delighted that the model is now in full production after successful feedback from customers in many key markets during the evaluation stage.”

JCB Compact Products’ managing director Robert Winter added: “This is a historic moment for JCB and for JCB Compact Products. We are delighted to go into full production with the industry’s first fully-electric mini excavator. The machine has a very promising future ahead of it.”

Using leading automotive battery technology, the zero-emissions and low noise 19C-1E delivers the performance of a conventional diesel-powered 1.9-tonne mini excavator. The machine comes with JCB’s LiveLink telematics as standard.

The machine is ideal for working indoors or outdoors, in factories, tunnels or basements, for digging foundations, or on utility projects.

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