Renewable Energy Fire Suppression Systems

26th March 2020 | Silverstone

Renewable Energy Fire Suppression Systems

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The threat of climate change and decentralisation in the energy industry have heralded a shift away from fossil fuels to alternative sources. Nobel has established itself recently as a significant player in this renewable energy sector across different technologies. Each technology requires a bespoke solution – the assets at risk being very different and sites varying significantly in scale and scope.

Power generation and energy storage fires can be very costly, potentially resulting in a total write-off of the facility. Fires happen quickly and may spread fast, destroying critical company assets. Even worse, such fires endanger workers and emergency services. Effects are far-reaching and can impact the supply of power to customers, disrupting businesses, and lowering public trust.

Passive fire protection may lower risk but ignition sources and fuel supplies remain. Remote and unoccupied spaces with indoor and outdoor switchgear, transformer equipment, turbine rooms, generator rooms, electrical cabinets, converters/inverters and lithium-ion batteries are real fire hazards where active fire protection is needed.

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