BMZ launches innovative high-voltage system

BMZ launches innovative high-voltage system

8th September 2020 Battery Industry 0

Karlstein am Main, 25/08/2020 – The BMZ Group, a leading manufacturer of cross-sector
lithium-ion battery systems in Europe for more than 25 years, is starting the delivery of
HYPERION home storage systems and is completing its product range in the “Green Energy” area
with the innovative high-voltage home storage system – a modular, expandable system for the
residential market on a 300 volt basis.

The modular structure enables the installer to assemble quickly and easily and the operator a
high degree of flexibility and cost security, since the system can be subsequently expanded with
the modules without great effort. The HELIOS modules deliver 2.5 kWh and can therefore range
from a basic configuration of 7.5 to max. 15 kWh usable energy content can be expanded in one
housing. This has now resulted in a storage system that can not only be integrated into today’s
design, but above all maximizes the yields over the entire service life.
Our Green Energy products, especially of course the flagship HYPERION,
are developed in Germany and are also built here.

Caption: High-Voltage-System Hyperion, modular structure and primarily located in the home storage area.
“After an intensive dialogue with installers and end users, the HYPERION system was developed,
which is one of the top devices in today’s solar storage market. Not only the price of the
hardware is relevant for us, but above all the manageable acquisition and installation costs as
well as low maintenance and follow-up costs have been given to the engineers of the BMZ Group
as a guideline. ”Sven Bauer, CEO and founder of the BMZ Group, sums up.

Compatibility with the most important providers of inverter systems is also highly relevant. The
HYPERION has a perfect symbiosis with SMA, Kostal and SUNGROW and for the first time also
covers the area of hybrid inverters. This significantly reduces installation and system costs.
Specially manufactured Li-ion cells were developed and installed for the storage system. The
emergency power storage (with a corresponding inverter) was designed for use in single and
multi-family houses through to industrial applications and is a real high-voltage storage system
that makes a DC / DC converter superfluous and maximizes system efficiency.

The quality features are well above the market level, which is confirmed by all the solar
engineers who have installed HYPERION so far. In particular the handy HELIOS modules, which
at 22 kg are among the lightest on the market and enable quick and efficient installation. Any
installer who has worked with the modular HYPERION system will no longer recommend any
other storage system.
Another scope of the BMZ Group’s services is German service and support. With a service hotline,
defective batteries can be picked up by our field service within 48 hours. Our partners are
informed individually and continuously by competent and professionally equipped, Germanspeaking service staff about news and installations about our installertraining courses and kept
up to date.

The BMZ Group has been one of the most successful market leaders in “Green Energy” Li-ion
storage systems for 5 years. With the already established ESS 7.0 / 9.0 / X systems, the company
group has an OEM market share of almost 40%. The BMZ Group has also been successfully
offering the “IndustrieAE” system for some time in the industrial sector – a modular solution with
capacities from 62.3 kWh to 5 MWh.

About BMZ Group:

The BMZ Group is a global player in the production of cross-sector lithium-ion system solutions.
The group is headquartered in Germany and has additional production facilities in the USA,
China, Poland and the USA as well as branches in Japan, UK and France. There are also research
and development locations around the world. Investments of over 100 million since 2018 have
doubled and in some cases even tripled production capacities. Around 3,000 employees work
for the BMZ Group worldwide.
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