Lincad launches LIPS 16 battery

Lincad launches LIPS 16 battery

26th October 2020 Products 0

Lincad, UK designer and manufacturer of bespoke batteries and charging systems, is pleased to announce the launch of its LIPS 16 (lithium-ion power system) battery.


The LIPS 16 represents the latest in lithium-ion battery technology and design and is suited for use in the most demanding environments, with a fully metallic enclosure (sealed to IP55) offering excellent physical protection and electromagnetic screening.


Originally designed as replacement for a lead acid battery used for an acoustic weapon locating system, the LIPS 16 offers performance characteristics suitable for a range of military applications and uses in other sectors that require military grade performance.


The versatile LIPS 16 battery offers an internal discharge feature that allows stand-alone discharge of the internal cell stack to below 30%, a vital requirement for transport by air, in accordance with IATA regulations.


Additional features include the ability to update the operational software and interrogate the battery memory using a mobile device, as well as the ability for the internal battery management system to store operational data for user analysis and maintenance activities.


Peter Slade, Lincad’s Joint Managing Director, commented:


“Lincad’s current range of LIPS batteries are the result of continued improvements through the integration of new cell technology and enhanced mechanical and electronic design. The ruggedised LIPS 16 offers a next generation product for use across a wide range of applications.”


Lincad is at the forefront of lithium-ion battery technology, taking product performance to new limits and producing lighter, more energetic and more powerful batteries than ever before.






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About Lincad



  • Lincad is a privately-owned UK company with over 30 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of bespoke batteries and charging systems.


  • The company’s main customers are the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and UK Defence Primes.


  • Lincad is an ISO 9001 and TickITplus accredited company with expertise in battery electrochemistry, systems, hardware and software engineering and is based in Ash Vale in the South East of England where the design and manufacture of all its products takes place.