Off Grid Energy and BMW Group UK partnership for EV battery second use

Off Grid Energy and BMW Group UK partnership for EV battery second use

2nd November 2020 Second Life 0

Off Grid Energy Ltd announces a new partnership with BMW Group UK to create a sustainable, second-life solution for BMW and MINI electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

BMW Group UK will supply Off Grid Energy, market leaders in energy storage, with battery modules for them to adapt to create mobile power units, giving retired BMW and MINI EV batteries a useful secondlife when they can no longer efficiently be used in cars.

Off Grid Energy’s range of Battery Energy Storage Systems are used to provide power for applications as diverse as construction, events, electricity distribution and EV charging, displacing traditional diesel generators and having significant impact in reducing carbon dioxide and polluting emissions as well as substantial reductions in the cost of delivering power. Off Grid expects this to be the first of many similar opportunities, using high tech know how to prolong the life of previously used batteries for the long term benefit of the environment.

Graeme Grieve, CEO BMW Group UK, said “BMW Group will have 25 electrified models on the roads by 2023 – half of them fully electric. We are delighted to work with Off Grid Energy to find a sustainable way of continuing to use these valuable batteries, even after they have put in many years of service in our electrified cars.”

The first prototype unit is now up and running, powered by lithium-ion battery modules extracted from a MINI Electric development vehicle. It has a 40kWh capacity delivering a 7.2kW fast charge and will be used at BMW and MINI UK events over the next year. As more battery modules become available over time, systems will be built with a capacity of up to 180kWh and able to provide multiple charges at rates of up to 50kW. When these units are used to displace conventional ways of generating temporary power, the battery modules will at least double the CO2 reduction achieved in their original use in the car, continuing their positive impact in reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

Janene Dooler, Managing Director Off Grid Energy said “Our relationship with BMW is of key strategic importance and propels the business into an entirely new phase, enabling us to continue to improve the sustainability impact and cost benefit of our technology. With stage V emissions standards and the looming end to red diesel, growth in demand for what we do is on an exponential trajectory. The impact our technology has on sustainability and the objectives of BMW Group couldn’t be more compatible.”

Sustainability and resource efficiency is central to the BMW Group’s strategy. Announcing initial details of the corporate strategic direction in July this year, CEO Oliver Zipse said, “How we use resources will decide the future of our society – and of the BMW Group. As a premium car company, it is our ambition to lead the way in sustainability. That is why we are taking responsibility here and now.” BMW_NORA_UNIT