Product Feature – Introducing Next Generation of Power Analysers…StrainSense

Product Feature – Introducing Next Generation of Power Analysers…StrainSense

23rd November 2020 Products 0

StrainSense introduce the latest Dewetron Power Analyser series PA7 & PA8 for EV & multi-phase power measurement and efficiency testing




5 Years in development and design using direct customer input has delivered what can only be considered as the premium system available on the market today for high accuracy Power & Efficiency Measurements.


The Dewetron PA7 and PA8 are Multi-Phase Power Analysers, ideal for Multi-phase inverters, DC link, complete drivetrains, motor and generator testing with expansion options for mechanical power measurement, Dyno integration and real time efficiency mapping.


Key features of the system include:

  • 03% basic accuracy, 18 bit resolution and 10 MS/s/channel synchronised sampling
  • 3, 6 or even 9 phase power measurement
  • CANbus, EtherCAT and XCP data interfaces for test cells
  • Hugely intuitive software for ease of use, productivity and efficiency


The modular concept of the Dewetron systems allows ultimate flexibility to integrate high bandwidth voltage inputs of 1 kV RMS (CAT IV safety rated) and high accuracy Current Sensors into a basic system for users to achieve excellent measurements on a confined budget. A single power module for example is typically used for synchronised 3 phase and DC link power and efficiency measurement.


Integrated solutions including Speed and Torque will allow computation of synchronised mechanical power. Inverter, motor and total drivetrain efficiency can then be computed, both in steady state and dynamic conditions such as WLTP drive cycles.


In future articles we will show more on the software uses, typical on-vehicle and static rig integrations and how to maximise the ‘POWER’ of this system.


About StrainSense


For many years, StrainSense has been a trusted and reliable supplier of specialist sensors, instrumentation and data acquisition products. We supply quality sensors for current, vibration, acceleration, shock, strain, pressure, position, force, power analysers, data acquisition systems, tilt/inclination and torque for static and dynamic measurements. StrainSense works closely with customers to develop fully integrated solutions, and also provides system level training and continuous support.

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