BMZ Group establishes a new subsidiary for the UK with its location for further market development

BMZ Group establishes a new subsidiary for the UK with its location for further market development

26th March 2021 Industry 0

Karlstein am Main, 23/03/2021 – The BMZ Group, a leading manufacturer of cross-industry
lithium-ion battery systems in Europe for more than 25 years, is opening a UK sales office
in Cambridge. This target market was already a strong focus in the past, as more and more large
customers from the UK had requested the innovative battery solutions of the BMZ Group. With
the new company, further growth and more extensive local support can be provided.
Strong network and intensive partnerships

Lukas Gazda, an experienced battery specialist with many years of expertise, was responsible
for developing the UK’s target market and now takes over the management of the new company
BMZ Innovation Group Ltd. “We are very proud to have taken this important step with our own
company and the new location here in the UK, Cambridge. The high demand for flexible and
state-of-the-art battery systems for areas such as energy storage or e-mobility confirm our
intention a few years ago to increase our presence here. The potential of our existing but also
new customers and markets is immense,” confirms Lukas Gazda, Director BMZ UK. The course
for successful support of the market was set at an early stage. Successful business relationships
already exist with local sales and service partners who also offer battery systems from the BMZ
Group. In the UK, BMZ has already made agreements on several battery projects across
the home appliance, e-bike, energy storage, AGV and automotive sector with an expected
turnover of £45mil. in the next two years.

Made in Germany as a flagship worldwide
Founder and CEO of the BMZ Group, Sven Bauer says: “It was only a matter of time before
BMZ UK was launched as its own company with a location. We know it from our locations such
as in France or Japan – customers appreciate our expertise in the battery business, especially
the high-quality battery systems Made in Germany. With a large development team, we realise
new products every day and incorporate new technologies both in the production process and
in the product itself. This quality feature is important and valuable and is appreciated by our
customers worldwide. With the new location, we can continue our previously successful growth
in the UK in an even more targeted manner.”

In addition to the UK, the new location also serves customers in Ireland and is the first address for the Nordic countries.

About BMZ Group

The BMZ Group is a global player in the production of cross-sector lithium-ion system solutions.
The group is headquartered in Germany and has additional production facilities in China, Poland
and the US, and branches in Japan, the UK and France. There are also research and development
locations around the world. Investments of over 150 million Euro since 2018 have doubled and,
in some cases, even tripled production capacities. Around 3,000 employees work for the BMZ Group worldwide.

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