8th October 2020 | Silverstone

Joe Govier of Connect 2 Cleanrooms Ranked Among UK’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders

Joe Govier, CEO and Founder of Connect 2 Cleanrooms, has been named as one of LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders for 2020. Now in its third year, the programme, which is supported by The Telegraph, celebrates the inspiring leaders behind some of the UK’s most successful and fast-growing medium-sized firms. Connect 2 Cleanrooms…
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22nd October 2020 0

Nasa’s HOTTech Project – Molten Salt Lander Battery capable of operating at the surface temperature of Venus

As part of NASA’s HOTTech project and in collaboration with EaglePicher Technologies, the JPL Electrochemical Technologies Group has developed and demonstrated a long-lived molten salt battery capable of operating at the surface temperature of Venus (465 °C) for several days to support detailed in-situ studies in future Venus surface missions. This development required the selection…
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22nd October 2020 0

Environmentally friendly energy storage

Similar to batteries, supercapacitors are suitable for the repeated storage of electrical energy. TU Graz researchers have presented a particularly safe and sustainable variant of such a supercapacitor in the scientific journal “Nature Communications“. This research was conducted with a SAXS system of Anton Paar. Limited safety, sustainability and recyclability are key drawbacks of today’s lithium-ion battery…
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19th October 2020 0

Tesla’s new affordable battery promises major range boost – E&T Magazine

Tesla founder Elon Musk has unveiled his firm’s latest battery technology which promises more affordable cars that can travel longer distances, but the three-year timeframe necessary before commercialisation has not impressed investors. Musk envisions future electric cars priced as low as $25,000 (£19,657) that will be able to drive themselves once the new battery tech comes to…
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24th September 2020 0

Faraday Institute | Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Transformative technology, global commercial activity and building a British industrial hub

Lithium-sulfur technology has the potential to offer cheaper, lighter-weight batteries that also offer safety advantages. After initially finding use in niche markets such as satellites, drones and military vehicles, the technology has the potential to transform aviation in the long-term. Electric aircraft offering short-range flights or vertical take-off and landing (including personalised aviation and flying…
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23rd September 2020 0

World’s First 5-Minute Charge of a Commercial Drone

StoreDot Demonstrates World’s First 5-Minute Charge of a Commercial Drone, Making Continuous & Fully-Autonomous Drone Delivery a Reality StoreDot brings ultra-fast charging (UFC) to the drone market for the first time, reducing charging times from a minimum of one hour to just 5 minutes UFC overcomes two of the major barriers that have prevented the…
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21st September 2020 0

High performance of Li-ion unlocks major savings for data centres

Today’s data centre operators are now putting plans in place to adjust their architectures to support 5G, online streaming, autonomous vehicles and the connection of ever-more devices to the Internet of Things (IoT). This growth in data demand reflects society’s increasing reliance on data – which in turn increases demand for reliable, always-on electrical power.…
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16th September 2020 0

‘Flying’ electric speedboat makes debut on Swiss lakes – E&T Magazine

An electric-powered hydrofoil speedboat that reduces energy consumption, noise, and seasickness by ‘flying’ above the waves has made its debut on lakes in Switzerland. Claimed to be a world-first, the Candela Seven can hit speeds of 55km/h when its foils lift it out of the water. Its manufacturers, called Candela, say it travels further and smoother…
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9th September 2020 0

BMZ launches innovative high-voltage system

Karlstein am Main, 25/08/2020 – The BMZ Group, a leading manufacturer of cross-sector lithium-ion battery systems in Europe for more than 25 years, is starting the delivery of HYPERION home storage systems and is completing its product range in the “Green Energy” area with the innovative high-voltage home storage system – a modular, expandable system…
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8th September 2020 0

McDonald’s partners with InstaVolt to deliver rapid charging network at drive-thrus

InstaVolt is partnering with McDonald’s to roll-out electric vehicle (EV) rapid charging points across its Drive Thru restaurants in the UK. As McDonald’s looks to play its part in a greener economic recovery, its ambition is to create a new nationwide charging network to support increasing demand for EVs. The partnership with InstaVolt, the largest owner-operated network…
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7th September 2020 0