Speaker Agenda

09:15 – Horiba Mira

Eddie Dewis, Solution Leader –Transportation Batteries

Real World Development & Validation


09:40 – Camfill

Chris Hews Business Development Manager

Critical clean air solutions for battery research, development and manufacturing


10:05 – Innovate UK

Oyebola Bello, Programme Manager

Transition to NetZero- Sustainable Transport


10:30 – UK Battery Industrialisation Centre

Andrew Britton, Business Development Manager

An Introduction to UK Battery Industrialisation Centre


10:55 – Qinetiq
Dr Gary Mepsted BSc. PhD. CChem FRSC, Power Sources Senior Technical Leader

SUBERB calls for ultra-high power and fast charging


11:20 – Rockfort Engineering
Angus Lyon, Director, Powertrain and vehicle optimisation in Formula E

Stepping back to see the full picture


11:45 – Delta

Simon Dowson

Race to Electrification – How Delta will accelerate Cosworth’s Journey to Electrification


12:10 –  3M

Jeff Kapp, Automotive Electrification Project Manager

John Phipps, BDM Advanced Materials

Ian Kelsall, BDM Electronic Assembly Solutions

3M Science: Enabling Tomorrow’s Vehicles


12:45 – Merit

Tony Wells, Chief Executive Officer, Rethinking construction

Designing and building battery manufacturing facilities using an offsite and zero carbon approach


13:05 – ZES Zimmer

Andreas Alexandrou

Measurements on Electric Drive Systems


13:35 – Fike

Dr.Ing. Jef Snoeys, Director, EPTG, Research and Academy | Explosion Protection Consultant at Fike

Battery Energy Storage Explosion Protection


14:00 – Paragraf

Dr Ellie Galanis, Paragraf, GHS Product Owner, Graphene magnetic sensors for the isolated, local and non-destructive current density, and distribution analysis of battery cells, packs and modules


14:25 –  Advanced Propulsion Centre


Opportunities for the UK Supply Chain in supporting the UK’s Road to Zero


14:50 – Jaguar LandRover/Tri-Wall

Mike Valentine, Projects Lead

LIBRIS Lithium-Ion Battery Research in Safety


15:15 – Altair
Dr Richard Boyd – Senior Technical Specialist


15:40 – CPI Research

Mike Clausen, Head of Technology


Overview of CPI Battery Technology and Capability