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26th March 2020 | Silverstone

New Thermal Battery Could Be A ‘Game Changer’ For Storing Renewable Energy

A South Australian company has unveiled the world’s first operational thermal energy device (TED). The TED creators report the battery can store renewable energy, has higher storage capacity than traditional batteries, and is completely recyclable. The thermal battery has similar functionality to lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries; it can take any form of electrical input and…
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9th April 2019 0

Tesla’s Vision Of An EV + Solar + Battery Storage Future Now Becoming Industry Norm

Part of investors’ fascination with Tesla has long been the company’s focus on the evolution of manufacturing hardware and software. The plan to integrate energy generation and storage — to “create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage,” as described in Master Plan, Part Deux— has also provided allure. Sure, the Tesla acquisition of…
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8th April 2019 0

Electric car battery with 600 miles of range? This startup claims to have done it

Electric carmakers have long been clamoring for a battery breakthrough that will improve the range of their vehicles while also extending their lifespans. Innolith, a Swiss startup, says its new high-density lithium-ion batteries can do just that. The company claims to have made the world’s first 1,000 Wh/kg rechargeable battery. (Watt-hours per kilogram is a…
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5th April 2019 0

Best electric cars: the ones to own and the ones to order

Beat the new Ultra Low Emission Zone, save the planet and drive something cool. Win win win From 8 April, a new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in Central London and will operate for 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Covering the same area as the current Congestion…
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4th April 2019 0

First UK order for the electric PEUGEOT e-208 placed on the same day as its public debut

Car buyers usually wait until they can drive a new model before signing on the dotted line but one PEUGEOT customer couldn’t even wait to see the all-new e-208 before placing a deposit. On the same day the all-new PEUGEOT e-208 made its public world debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Neal Street paid a…
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3rd April 2019 0

Why are oil majors investing in electric transport?

There is a cliché in business that if you cannot beat the enemy, you might as well join them. Oil majors appear to be waking up to the new reality that the future of road transport is pivoting to electric – some would say hydrogen. And they realise that if they sit still, not only…
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2nd April 2019 0

Sweden modified a road to recharge EVs while driving

You’ll need to install a retractable arm that dips into an electrified rail, though. You can now charge your electric vehicle as you drive in Sweden, but only for about 2km (1.2 miles). That’s the length of a road outside Stockholm that’s been embedded with electrified rail, which is the first length in a government-planned…
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1st April 2019 0

World first: All Oslo taxis will be electric and charging wirelessly from 2023

Norway is taking one step further to a 100 per cent electric transport future, declaring that by 2023 all taxis in the capital, Oslo, will be electric. With the inherently high demands of charging a fleet of taxis, the city of Oslo will also install inductive charging systems that allow its taxi fleets to charge…
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26th March 2019 0

Scientists find new way to power electric cars using cobalt

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Lowell developed a technique that uses only water, carbon dioxide and cobalt metal particles that have surface nanostructures measuring billionths of a meter in size, to produce hydrogen on demand at relatively low temperature and pressure and to use to power the next generation of electric vehicles. According to…
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25th March 2019 0

24M Unveils ‘Dual Electrolyte’ Battery Tech to Unlock Higher Energy Density

If commercialized, this design could produce lithium metal batteries that pack twice as much energy as what’s on the market today. Battery materials startup 24M revealed Wednesday that it has developed a “dual electrolyte” architecture that could unlock significant gains in battery performance for electric vehicles. The ongoing effort to improve lithium-ion batteries triggers a…
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22nd March 2019 0