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New reusable battery to tackle the problem with EV waste

Battery solutions company Aceleron has developed a new recyclable and reusable electric vehicle (EV) battery which is half the weight and four times as powerful as a typical battery.  Transport is the largest source of carbon emissions in the UK, in a bid to combat this, the UK government recently announced that they will ban…
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15th April 2020 0

Engineers develop a new way to remove carbon dioxide from air

A new way of removing carbon dioxide from a stream of air could provide a significant tool in the battle against climate change. The new system can work on the gas at virtually any concentration level, even down to the roughly 400 parts per million currently found in the atmosphere. Source: Most methods of removing…
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14th April 2020 0

Li-ion co-inventor patents glass battery that could upturn auto industry

A patent application for a new battery that uses glass as a key component has been submitted by a team headed by John Goodenough, the part winner of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work as co-inventor of the now ubiquitous lithium-ion battery that is the go-to power source for electric cars and…
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8th April 2020 0

EV battery ‘can be charged in seconds’

Researchers at the University of Uppsala in Sweden have developed a more sustainable electric vehicle (EV) battery that can be charged in a matter of seconds.  The battery uses quinones as the active material which are organic carbon compounds that are plentiful in nature and occur during photosynthesis. According to the researchers, this makes the…
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7th April 2020 0

Ilika launches tiny new solid-state battery for medical devices

Solid-state battery technology company Ilika announced the launch of its ‘Stereax M50’ millimetre-scale solid-state batteries designed for medical implants. The AIM-traded firm said the Stereax M50 took solid-state batteries to “a new level” of miniaturisation, which would enable medical device innovations that had previously been limited by the available battery technology. It explained that the medical technology…
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3rd April 2020 0

BYD Unveils New Fire- & Explosion-Resistant Blade Battery

Even though there are hundreds of gasoline fires every day — so many that the news media don’t even bother reporting them — people focus on any story involving an EV battery as if it is an apocalyptic event. There is no doubt a battery fire is scary, as individual cells cook off and explode…
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30th March 2020 0

Organic Battery Breakthrough Makes Lithium-Ion Batteries More Environmentally Friendly

York University researchers have discovered a way to make Lithium-powered batteries more environmentally friendly while retaining performance, stability and storage capacity. Their latest breakthrough is the creation of a new carbon-based organic molecule that can replace the cobalt now used in cathodes or positive electrodes in lithium-ion batteries. The new material addresses the shortcomings of…
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27th March 2020 0