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26th March 2020 | Silverstone

Tesla Energy takes part in CA’s record-breaking 2.2 GWh battery storage project

Tesla Energy is poised to participate in California’s initiative to build one of the world’s largest battery systems. After a historic 4-1 vote, California utility regulators approved a proposal put forward by Pacific Gas & Electric, which aimed to replace three natural gas-fired power plants in the state with utility-grade lithium-ion batteries. When completed, the…
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10th November 2018 0

The Battery Boom Will Draw $1.2 Trillion in Investment by 2040

The battery boom is coming to China, California and basically everywhere else—and it will be even bigger than previously thought. The global energy-storage market will surge to a cumulative 942 gigawatts by 2040, according to a new forecast from Bloomberg NEF published Tuesday, and that growth will necessitate $1.2 trillion in investment. Sharply falling battery costs is…
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7th November 2018 0

Automotive industry and the global market for stationary battery storage

In an era thriving on the notion of energy storage, players in the global stationary battery storage market have in recent years been on an expedition to bring forth technologically advanced networks with supreme connectivity & storage that would help store energy harnessed from renewable sources. In fact, many industry analysts claim affordable storage as…
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6th November 2018 0

Volvo and Ricardo to assess new lithium-ion battery cells

Volvo Cars has selected Ricardo to assist with the provision of a large-scale test program to assess the lifecycle characteristics of a range of new lithium-ion cells to determine their suitability for future electrified vehicle applications. The work builds on Ricardo’s extensive experience and reputation in all aspects of electrified vehicle powertrains. In terms of…
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2nd November 2018 0

Tesla gets ‘Strong Buy’ rating amid Panasonic’s pledge to ramp Gigafactory 1 battery production

Tesla stock (NASDAQ:TSLA) recently received a vote of confidence from one of Wall Street’s veteran investment research firms. In a note on Tuesday, Zacks Investment Research upgraded Tesla from a “Hold” rating to a “Strong Buy” rating, citing the electric car maker’s strong performance in the third quarter. The research firm also gave TSLA a…
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1st November 2018 0

New Battery Tech Could Power a Flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles

Electric passenger planes could finally be practical. Jumper Cables There’s a new kind of battery coming out of an MIT materials science lab — one that packs enough of a punch to power an airplane long enough to fly up the Californian coastline, according to the MIT Technology Review. Engineers have long dreamed of flying electric vehicles,…
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31st October 2018 0

Tesla’s edge in battery and charging tech emerges in Model X vs Jaguar I-PACE range test

With just 15 years of experience under its belt, Tesla remains a neophyte in the automotive industry. Despite its short tenure, the upstart electric car maker continues to establish itself as a leader in battery technology and charging infrastructure. Tesla’s advantages in these fields became prominent in a real-world test between the Model X 90D…
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30th October 2018 0

Nanotubes may give the world better batteries

Scientists’ method quenches lithium metal dendrites in batteries that charge faster, last longer Source:Rice UniversitySummary: Scientists use thin films of multiwalled carbon nanotubes to keep lithium metal from sprouting dendrites, tentacle-like growths that can cause batteries to fail. The strategy could be key to developing batteries that hold more energy and charge faster than current,…
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28th October 2018 0

South Africa is investing in batteries to stop frustrating electricity blackouts

South Africa’s national electricity supplier is finally making good on its promises to take renewable energy seriously. Eskom has released a 19-page report (pdf) outlining how it planned to implement its battery storage program. The two-phase program will start with an 800 megawatt-capacity distributed battery network. This first phase, due by December 2019, will see…
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26th October 2018 0

Caterpillar Ventures Invests In Fisker’s Solid State Battery Tech

Caterpillar Venture Capital Inc has made a strategic investment into Fisker Inc as a bet on the company’s solid-state battery technology. Parent company Caterpillar Inc is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, natural gas turbines, and various gas & diesel engines, and sees the capital injection as an investment in the next…
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25th October 2018 0